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[gel?st] Install From a LiveCD mit openSUSE-11.1-KDE4-LiveCD-x86_64.iso-aberwie?

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Bei opensuse 10.3 (64?) gab es ?brigens auch schonein ?hnliches Problem.
Da lag es wohl an der zu neuen Maus.

--- Zitat ---This problem currently affects everyone using newer models of the "Logitech Gaming Mouse" (more info).  True to form, I am running the Logitech G5 Gaming Mouse, so I run into this problem every time I install.
This problem is minor and very simple to fix...
Login as a normal user.
After logging in type su to become root.
Type these commands in order:
--- Code: ---cd /etc/X11/
mv xorg.conf xorg.bad
cp xorg.conf.install xorg.conf
--- Ende Code ---
This will move the virtually empty xorg.conf file out of the way and replace it with one that will work correctly.
After you typed the exit command (above) you should still be logged in as a normal user.
Make sure that the current line at the console is not red, which would indicate that you are still logged in as root.  If it is red, just type exit again.
Once you are sure that you are back to being just a normal user, type this command and hit enter:

--- Code: ---startx
--- Ende Code ---

--- Ende Zitat ---


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